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judiciary committee application
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Applications for the Santa Clara County Bar Association 2019 Judiciary Committee are now being accepted.   The Judiciary Committee is responsible for evaluating candidates for judicial office in Santa Clara County, trial court and appellate court, that are submitted by the Governor.  The process includes background interviews of a candidate's references, Committee interview of the candidate and rating the candidate.  All work, discussions, evaluations, interviews of the Committee are held in the strictest confidence.


To be considered for appointment to the 2019 Judiciary Committee completed applications must be submitted by Friday, January 17, 2020, at 4:45 pm either by online form (below) or by email to SCCBA CEO & General Counsel, Sherry Diamond, at

The criteria to be eligible for consideration for appointment to the SCCBA Judiciary Committee include, but are not necessarily limited to, current membership in the SCCBA (2019 & 2020 dues paid) and the following:

  1. Prior activity on one or more committees of the SCCBA and/or a showing of involvement in the SCCBA beyond mere payment of membership dues for at least one year; 
  2. Adequate practice experience, preferably 7 years; 
  3. Practice area, law firm and geographic diversity to be determined by considering the composition of the Judiciary Committee and the applicant pool as a whole at the time any appointment/s are being made;
  4. Lack of any conflict of interest with respect to the substantive work of the Judiciary Committee. 

Appointments are made solely within the discretion of the 2020 SCCBA President as per SCCBA by-laws. The SCCBA President is not obligated to make any new appointments, reappointments or make appointments from the pool of applicants. The composition, including number of members, of the 2020 Judiciary Committee is within the sole discretion of the 2020 SCCBA President.

The SCCBA strongly encourages attorneys of diverse racial, ethnic, religious, gender and sexual orientation backgrounds as well as attorneys with disabilities to apply.  Attorneys, including 2019 Judiciary Committee members, must complete the SCCBA 2020 Judiciary Committee application to be considered for appointment or reappointment for 2020. 


Items with * are required and must be completed to submit the application.

Are you related by blood, marriage, domestic partnership or adoption to anyone who has currently applied for a judicial position in California or who may be applying in 2020? If your answer is yes, please provide details.
Are you a close friend or close professional colleauge of anyone who has currently applied for a judicial position in California or who may apply in 2020? If yes, please provide details, including names and the nature of the relationship.
Have you applied for a judicial position in California at any time, or do you intend to do so within the next two years? If yes, please provide details.
Responding to the following questions is wholly voluntary. Not responding will not adversely affect the review of your application. The SCCBA may disclose this information in its discretion in the form of aggregate data to members of the SCCBA or the public; however, the SCCBA will keep confidential the names of individual applicants.

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